I walk on the road,

With traffic and crowd,

Surrounded by life,

Cheering out loud.

Yet I feel empty,

So hollow from within,

What is this trance,

What am I becoming.

I hear all the noise,

Yet decide to ignore it,

Seclusion is all I want,

Isolation I like and I admit.

But I have decided,

I will end being introvert,

I will be a part of them,

I will try to convert.


The Promise

She married the guy,

She fell in love with,

She promised to stay,

Making it a pith.

Beginning was special,

As it was all new,

Spending time together,

Never an adieu.

As years passed,

The love faded away,

Quarrels were the routine,

Everytime ; everyday.

With this it didnt stop,

The guy thrashed her hard,

With whip ; with stick; with belt,

As if he grew retard.

She kept silent,

Crying herself to sleep,

For she had a family,

And a promise to keep.

She didnt know ,

She was doing wrong,

Not just to herself,

But to every woman born.

Keeping her mouth shut,

For the sake of her daughter,

Was a lesson for the kid too,

To bear the slaughter.

Slaughter of dreams,

Of love and of respect,

Never in your life,

Teach something so incorrect.


She was a silent being,

Mysteries she held,

Walking with a parasol,

Secrets she never tells.

She is quiet,

Backbencher in the class,

Engrossed in her books,

As her only time pass.

Her presence or her absence,

Was never recognised,

As she was a silly girl,

For people ;Never alive.

Everyone called her shadow,

Cause she never talked,

Her books were all she had,

Friends whom she called.

Her idea was really simple,

She wanted to be immortal,

And that she said she acquired,

By entering the book portal.

She lived the life of characters,

That were living in the book,

In that way she was existing,

In many worlds as she put.

She wanted to read all books,

Live every life she can,

For hers was not existent,

In the eyes of her aquaintance.


Thoughts in my head,

Never seem to end,

No matter that I ignore,

No matter that I pretend.

The voices that are constant,

The whispers that go on,

Silence is what I crave for,

Which I know is long gone.

I just want to tame them,

Hush! Hush! To them I say,

But they dont care to listen,

They never go away.

The clusters that have formed,

That have blocked my brain,

Have rendered it all useless,

Driven me insane…..