I was telling you the stories,

Laughing along with you,

People thinking I am crazy,

But I didnt care & you knew.

Suddenly I became aware,

Finding myself in a graveyard,

And images started flashing

Your funeral and my disregard.


Giant wheel

On a giant wheel,

Up when I go,

Excitement in my heart.

Then down I come

Fear and dread

Same is the life

You go excited

Every plan you make

Then excitement goes

And worry invades.

What is left

Heart shattered like glass,

Never to be repaired again,

Broken and hurt , alas!

Who knew it would come this way.

What started so lovely,

Splendid and soothing,

Would turn so ugly,

I could never ever imagine.

Yes there are fights,

Differences and distances,

But we need to hold on tight,

Come out of it , victorious.

Nothing could stop this cleft,

No matter what we try,

Only thing what is left,

Is to forget and move on in life.


The shades of the sky,

Soon turned dark.

The atmosphere full ,

With smoke and spark.

Soldiers all ghastly,

Tired and frustrated,

Their faces spoke of the horror,

Every gunshot they regretted.

Every life they took,

Imposed a burden on their soul,

A burden hard to carry,

A burden too much to hold.

Oh poor soldier,

You dont have a say,

You just have to fire,

You dare not disobey.


The cool subtle wind,

The dark starlit sky,

A cup of coffee in my hand,

The moon staring me in the eye.

Standing out in the porch ,

I saw bats flaring,

Poor blind creatures,

Guessing out some clearing.

The dogs on the street,

Were howling out loud,

I looked above in the sky,

Stars now hiding behind the clouds.

It all seemed so peaceful,

So quiet and irenic,

I would choose this midnight,

Over the day so full of panic.

The Summer Rain

The cloudy blue sky,

Suddenly turned all grey.

Thunder and lightning,

I wonder if it would rain.

I stood by my window,

Eyes staring above.

And the trees half bent,

With the wind puff.

I stepped outside,

Couldn’t resist any longer.

The wish to feel the weather,

I knew, grew stronger.

The first drop of rain,

Touched my bare skin,

So gentle it felt on me,

Arms streched wide, I spin.

Then heavily down it came,

I had to rush inside.

Half soaked in the rain,

My eyes still embroiled outside.

Imagining the nature playing

Joyfully in the downpour.

Somewhere my heart too,

Rejoiced it and adored.

The Dry Land

Tired and exhausted ,

I fell down on my knees.

What happened next,

I barely could see.

The heat was too much,

As if the sun was angry.

Throwing his rage on me,

Burning me violently.

I collected all my strength ,

Though there was not much left.

I got back up on my foot,

Continued the journey I set.

Drops of sweat, all over me,

Clothes soaked in perspiration.

Never ending mighty fire,

Of the sun and my passion.

I have to keep on walking,

Determined and alert.

I have to cross this land,

This dry land called desert.


Moments from past,

Sometimes they flare,

In front of my eyes,

Memories I shared.

Sweet happy incidents,

Some with a few tears,

Now I sit and remember,

With no one to say cheers.

People are busy in their life,

Bet its happening and fun,

Maybe they too sit sometimes,

Recollect moments – not all , but some.

Precious Smile

The dark is spread all around ,

For as far as I can see,

I see all lovely people,

In agony and misery.

I wish to somehow help them,

Somehow set them free ,

But I pity my helplessness,

As I myself am just debris.

I know the truth of the world,

Its not flowers and rainbows,

But everyone deserves to be happy,

A fit of laughter that echoes.

May all sufferings be wiped out,

May the days of distress end,

May everyone have a bright smile,

A blissful life to spend.


It was love ; he used to tell,

To me , to all and to himself

He closed his eyes , blindfolded he was

Never once did he acknowledged her fault.

He waited all day , to speak to her,

But Oh! She was busy entertaining others,

It pricked him a lot , it hurt so bad,

But he pursed his lips, he hid he was sad.

He kept cursing himself ,

Cause he loved her too much,

But what he was getting in return,

Was not hidden as such.

In the end he decided to take a step back,

Decided the worst : not to expect,

Said he would be there whenever she needed,

Disappointment it was ; over love it exceeded.


The calm outside,

But storm inside.

Smile on my face ,

But Pain I encase.

Living- not as me:

Living- not free.

Pretension my trick,

To illusions I stick.

Watching the rain drop,

Asking tears to stop,

Waiting for sunshine,

a change – something divine.

Being Born A Woman

The day I was born,

I thought everyone was happy,

But you see I am girl,

I am more of a responsibility.

Till you are eighteen,

You have restrictions,

Care as your parents say,

Also said protection.

Protection from the males,

The ruling part of the society,

Think they need to cut off our wings,

Oh! What an asperity.

We know how to converse,

With strangers mostly men,

We know how to dress up,

And not to walk in lion’s den.

We know how to be safe,

You dont have to bind us in chains,

Chains of your social values,

You dont have to constrain.

Why are you so afraid,

Of us flying high,

Why we ask for freedom,

Its our right but I sigh.

Right ? What right ?

You live like I say.

You dont get to decide,

Dont you dare disobey.

Else I will go,

And you will be left alone,

Of course people will blame you,

For the marriage you blown.

After all you are just a pawn,

You do as I please,

Dont use your brain woman,

That isint your cup of tea.

Easy to restrict a person,

Saying thats how it has to be,

Never see the other side,

Never understand their misery.

Being a girl is such a pain,

On our brain and on our hearts,

We cant decide for ourselves,

You will do that part.

But hey , you dont know,

This pain is what makes us strong,

You will regret the care you lost,

You will desire the love long gone.


Lying so close,

Arms in arms,

Yet so distant,

Miles apart.

What came in between,

What was the reason,

The fire of love,

Lost in oblivion.

I try to keep calm,

Give you some space,

But in my heart I fear,

Further you will drift away.

Confused and worried,

I am lying down,

Trying really hard so that

The lost love is found.


I walk on the road,

With traffic and crowd,

Surrounded by life,

Cheering out loud.

Yet I feel empty,

So hollow from within,

What is this trance,

What am I becoming.

I hear all the noise,

Yet decide to ignore it,

Seclusion is all I want,

Isolation I like and I admit.

But I have decided,

I will end being introvert,

I will be a part of them,

I will try to convert.

The Promise

She married the guy,

She fell in love with,

She promised to stay,

Making it a pith.

Beginning was special,

As it was all new,

Spending time together,

Never an adieu.

As years passed,

The love faded away,

Quarrels were the routine,

Everytime ; everyday.

With this it didnt stop,

The guy thrashed her hard,

With whip ; with stick; with belt,

As if he grew retard.

She kept silent,

Crying herself to sleep,

For she had a family,

And a promise to keep.

She didnt know ,

She was doing wrong,

Not just to herself,

But to every woman born.

Keeping her mouth shut,

For the sake of her daughter,

Was a lesson for the kid too,

To bear the slaughter.

Slaughter of dreams,

Of love and of respect,

Never in your life,

Teach something so incorrect.


She was a silent being,

Mysteries she held,

Walking with a parasol,

Secrets she never tells.

She is quiet,

Backbencher in the class,

Engrossed in her books,

As her only time pass.

Her presence or her absence,

Was never recognised,

As she was a silly girl,

For people ;Never alive.

Everyone called her shadow,

Cause she never talked,

Her books were all she had,

Friends whom she called.

Her idea was really simple,

She wanted to be immortal,

And that she said she acquired,

By entering the book portal.

She lived the life of characters,

That were living in the book,

In that way she was existing,

In many worlds as she put.

She wanted to read all books,

Live every life she can,

For hers was not existent,

In the eyes of her aquaintance.


Thoughts in my head,

Never seem to end,

No matter that I ignore,

No matter that I pretend.

The voices that are constant,

The whispers that go on,

Silence is what I crave for,

Which I know is long gone.

I just want to tame them,

Hush! Hush! To them I say,

But they dont care to listen,

They never go away.

The clusters that have formed,

That have blocked my brain,

Have rendered it all useless,

Driven me insane…..


Focus little human,

Focus on your dreams,

Work till you fulfill them,

Work till you succeed.

Focus little human,

Focus on your words,

Dont let them put you down,

Dont let them prick others.

Focus little human,

Focus on your actions,

So that they are not a guilt,

So that they are your satisfaction.

Focus little human,

Focus on it all,

Do not lose your purpsose,

Do not fall.


Life is all about choices.

You have to pick one

And forget the other.

But what if after the choice has been made,

You want to pick the other one.

It becomes so complicated.

So messed up.

You cannot push aside the choice,

Afterall it is in your life now.

And you cannot have another serving,

Till you finish whats in your plate.

Whenever you are confused,

Between two things,

You should take time,

Dont hurry, dont rush,

Take it slow.

Time is a great magician.

It will itself reveal

Whats best for you.

Dont just get carried away in the moment.

For you cannot leave your decision and jump to another.

Be patient and destiny will make the choice for you.

His choice

I loved a man,

I told him that,

He never replied

What he felt.

So I finally moved on,

Following my dreams,

And one day I saw his message ,

On my screen.

He said he loved me too,

I sure was happy,

For I finally had,

What I wanted to grab.

Not many days passed,

When he said goodbye,

For he was confused,

Between some girl and me.

I was shattered,

I had my questions,

If he was perplexed ,

Why chose me in the first place?

I let him go,leave me like that,

But he did wrong,

Coming to me

Raising my hopes,

When he knew what he meant to me.

I pray that he be happy

With the girl he chose,

But I shall never understand,

Why he did so.

Hopes and Despair

I am up every morning,

Along with the sun,

With wishes in me rising,

Ones I do not shun.

The sun is up high,

Scorching its heat,

And I prepare to try,

Dreams that are incomplete.

I go till the sun shines,

Doing all I can,

Tracing all the lines,

That fulfill my plan.

Then comes the twilight,

The energy is all gone.

To myself I recite,

Where I went wrong.

This dusk lowers my spirit,

It goes down with the sun,

Hopes that once shone bright,

Only despair now run.

The night now falls,

And I am drained,

Then I sit and recall,

All that I obtained.

Back into my bed,

I lie down quietly,

Jot down what to do ahead,

In my mind silently.

A new day will come,

I will have another chance,

Will try not to be glum,

Forward I will advance.

No Scars

Everyone i see,

Has a story to tell,

Of his misery,

His curse, the bad spell.

I saw her too,

Going through the same,

Keeping aloof from all,

Hiding her pain.

She wouldn’t discuss,

She wouldn’t breathe a word,

She kept secrets from me,

The ones she should have uttered.

She was being cruel,

Too harsh on her chest,

I told her to stop,

To take some rest.

I said everyone has

their share of hurt,

They learn to live with it,

Themselves they comfort.

They let other people

See their so called sins,

Marks on their soul,

Not the ones on skin.

I tell her not to cut,

Not to use the blade,

Atleast let me try and help,

I promise sorrows will fade.

She doesn’t confide,

She doesn’t trust,

She says that is her way

of showing outburst.

I tell her not to be coward,

Because she is gritty,

I know the strength in her,

I believe her ability.

The marks on her skin,

Fill my eyes with tears,

I can’t see her hurt;

Escaping her fears.

I tell her to love herself,

An amazing person is her,

She might think its flattery,

But thats what my heart whispers .

I might be just another person,

A random silly guy,

Telling her things,

That all others have tried.

But for me she means a lot,

She is my special few,

I care for her and so I tell her,

To love herself anew.

I want her to try,

I am willing to aid,

When will she understand,

I am there in the arcade.

She is not alone,

I am by her side,

As whatever she needs me,

Maybe not a friend but as a guide.

No one likes to see

their loved ones scarred,

If I am being selfish,

I will not disregard.

You have a life,

Make it worth while,

Remember to love yourself,

And keep the knife aside.


We fell in love,

Thinking we are alike,

Because we were too eager,

To make each other alright.

You were cheated upon,

You were bruised.

I was the same heart,

As I was abused.

Our hearts felt connected,

Because of our past,

Which made us hope,

That we would last.

What we did was,

To conclude too early,

Maybe we should have taken time,

And seen stuff clearly.

Things went bad,

And we stood there again,

Where u felt cheated,

And me abused; both in pain.

So there we were,

Back to square one,

And we had two options,

Having courage to choose none.

The first was to leave,

Leave and never return,

Forget all the positives,

Just back out and run.

The second was difficult,

Hard to pick,

To stay with each other,

Glued like sticks.

We chose the second,

Knowing not where it would lead,

We gathered all our spirit,

Restart it was, till our hearts again bleed.

My Saviour

I was astray,
Going round and round,
In a dark forest,
Never to be found.

I was distressed,
So hurt and anxious,
Finding a path for my quest,
That would leave me victorious.

I was stuck,
No matter what i did,
I was still there ,
In the wild , standing amid.

You walked in,
As a ray of light,
I had the strength,
To prepare for a fight.

A fight with the beasts,
That were there in the jungle,
Or maybe just inside my head,
Which made me stumble.

With you I knew,
I would come out,
Out of this horror,
And in delight I would shout.

You held my hand,
Showed me the way,
You walked with me,
I knew you would never betray.

With days of walking,
And numerous battles,
We stood successful,
And I began to prattle.

Prattle about you,
How brave you were,
How you saved me,
From all the danger we incurred.

A sigh came out,
A sigh of relief,
Putting away my agony,
Restoring my belief.

My belief,
That i would be safe,
Some one would drag me out,
Out of harm’s way.

Oh! My Saviour,
For coming to me;
I couldnt thank you enough,
For setting me free.

I would stick to you,
I would give my all,
I’ll keep you happy,
And never let you fall.

You held my hand,
When i was lonely,
So i promise to you,
You will be my one and only.